Floor Repairs


In all our floor repairs, we use the latest belt sanding machines that produce great results and avoid judder marks that drum machines can create. We always finish our floors with a buffing machine to give the very best finish. All our sanders have superb dust collection and can be connected to the dust control system – reducing the effect of the renovation on the rest of the premises. These advanced control systems mean the whole process is less intrusive and requires very little clean up.


Floors are often damaged by plumbers and electricians. We have a wide stock of reclaimed timber to repair floors with sound wood that matches. Even if you think the damage is too bad to fix, give us a call, there is often a lot we can do with existing boards, or substitute with a closely matched replacement.

Gap Filling

Filling the gaps between boards is a great way to reduce draughts and improve the look of your floor. There are two ways to fill gaps:

For gaps up to 3mm we use a resin mixed with dust from the floor (to give a good colour match).
For wider gaps we use slithers of wood glued in place and sanded flat. This means a smoother, better looking floor that is also less draughty.

Hearth Removal

As properties are altered, a hearth can become redundant. They can be removed and replaced with 2 floor boards supported by a wooden frame. The result is a gain in useful floor space, a tidier room, and a continuation of the beautiful wooden floor you already have in place.

Mat Well

Where no mat well is in place one can be fitted to suit. This keeps the mat in place and helps increase the protection of the surrounding floors.